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EcoTao Beauty Box - Reusable Facial Wipes


ECOTAO Wipes + Bamboo Box

Made of bamboo and organic cotton made in Montreal, Canada. Environmentally friendly.
The wipes are equipped with a Face for deep cleaning and an ultra soft face for the most sensitive skins.

The whole Comes in a bamboo fiber Biodegradable box.

For optimal results in removing makeup, use in conjunction with a cleansing oil and facial cleanser. 

Dampen the cloth with warm water and using the deep cleaning side, wipe away any cleanser, makeup, dirt, dead skin, and oil from face. 

Rinse cloth and follow up with the soft side for a final cleanse to ensure everything is removed from face. 

✔ Chemical free
✔ Great for sensitive skin
✔ Organic and ecological
✔ Ethically and solidarily made by Petites-Mains
✔ Locally made in Montreal, Canada

EcoTao Beauty Box - Reusable Facial Wipes