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B-Rejuvenated (180 min)


A rejuvenating service sure to relieve daily stress.

This Package Includes:

  • Customized Signature Facial
  • Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Body Treatment
  • Tranquillity Scalp Massage
*Customized Signature Facial Treatment 
The Customized Signature Facial (Medi-Facial) is a unique experience that combines relaxation with high performing active ingredients to address your skin concerns.  This treatment includes a facial massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage that will help release toxins in the skin and soothe pain, while relaxing the body and mind. Your treatment will be customized to your specific skin type requirements leaving you looking radiant and feeling refreshed and balanced.


*Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage
Introducing an innovative massage treatment that acts on three
different sensatorial pathways; olfactive, tactile & hearing to
provide you with profound relaxation. The Tranquility Pro-sleep Massage uses the synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, Tranquility sound waves and Ayurvedic & Indonesian Sea Malay manualities combined with the use of soft brushes. This gently guides the way to achieve a quiet & peaceful mind/body state favouring sleep.

*Tranquillity Scalp Massage
Drift into deep relaxation with this sublimely calming massage. All traces of tension are gently eased from the scalp, décolleté, neck and shoulders. 

This is a relaxing, holistic treatment that releases stress and tension. The massage focuses mainly on the head area, but it also includes the neck, shoulders and décolleté as well, as we often hold most of the tension in these areas.

 Value of $249.00

B-Rejuvenated (180 min)