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First Lady

Bamboo Turban Hat


This pleated turban is made with 100% organic bamboo fiber.

Bamboo turbans are an excellent organic choice as they have many benefits and advantages over cotton. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton with the texture similar to silk. It is also quick to absorb moisture, therefore keeping you dry.

This fibre adapts to your body's temperature. Can be worn all year round as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They feel Spectacular!

This luxurious fabric is very soft to the touch
*Perfect for sensitive scalps- especially for women who've experienced hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation
*Natural antibacterial properties of bamboo will keep your turban fresh and odor-free
*Porous fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly
*Provides natural UV protection

A perfect beanie for cancer patients and women with medical hair loss, especially nice for women with sensitive scalps.

Bamboo Turban Hat