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Men's Acne Clarifying Facial Treatment (100 min)


For oily skin and acne  

This treatment is designed to treat the root cause of acne with minimal side effects. Acne Facials focus primarily on extractions for clogged pores.

Our Men’s Acne Clarifying Facials are specifically designed for men’s skincare concerns. This is the perfect Facial for any man who would like to improve their skin’s appearance, skin texture, and tone. This Facial Treatment will help you with deep cleansing, balance, and hydration, it will also include exfoliation, steam, extractions, clay mask, enzymatic peel and moisturizing.

We will start by taking your skin through a deep cleansing and customized professional exfoliation. Followed by a Clay Mask Treatment, any impurities will be removed by applying steam and gently extraction to clean up congested pores. Targeted treatment products, soothing serums and professional masks will be selected to help revitalize the skin and address your unique skin concerns followed by an oil-free sunscreen to protect your skin.

You will receive a Post Procedure Kit, value of $60.00

Men's Acne Clarifying Facial Treatment (100 min)